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Scalp Micropigmentation Pre-Care Instructions: The Fun Edition!

Scalp Shampoo Safari: Start your adventure by gently shampooing your noggin daily with a mild shampoo, like Dr. Squatch (for that natural vibe), starting a week before your session. It's like a spa day for your scalp! Does not apply for density procedures.


Exfoliate, But Make It Gentle: Think of your scalp as a treasure map. About 7 days before your first session, and again 48 hours prior, gently unearth the hidden secrets using a soft exfoliating hand mitt or a delightful sugar scrub (Tree Hut's got the goods). Does not apply for density procedures.


Special Instructions for Density: If your session is for enhancing areas with existing hair, there's no need for razors or clippers. Your go-to move is simply using a gentle, natural shampoo. Renee likes LUSH bar shampoos. It's like softly setting the stage for a seamless performance, ensuring everything blends perfectly.

Hydration Station: Keep your scalp as hydrated as a happy cactus. Post-wash, dab on some non-greasy, fragrance-free moisturizer – Cerave is our buddy here – to keep things smooth and supple.


No-Go for Scalp Bullies: For a week before your session, tell those harsh chemicals, dyes, and scrubs to take a hike. Your scalp's on a peace mission.


Scalp's Health Check: Got skin concerns like psoriasis or acne? Have a chat with your dermatologist well in advance. Irritated skin? We'll need to reschedule – it's like bringing an umbrella to a sunbath.


Sun Dodging: If the sun's out, hats on or slap on some scalp sunscreen! Sunburns are the party poopers of scalp micropigmentation.


Chillaxing: Get your zen on! Good rest and stress management can make your session as relaxing as a day at the beach.


Munch Healthily: Eat like a nutritionist is watching. Good food equals happy skin.


Ease up on Booze and Brews: Put a pause on alcohol and dial down the caffeine 24 hours before your session. We want you as calm as a decaf latte.


Smoke Less, Heal Better: If you can, cut down on smoking a few days before. Think of it as a mini health retreat.


Hair Prep: If you're teaming up with a razor, plan your smooth shave dance exactly 48 hours before your appointment. Why 48 hours? It's the magic window where your scalp says, "Ah, just right!" If clippers are more your jam, let them do their buzzing magic precisely 24 hours before the session. It's the sweet spot timing – like perfectly toasted toast, not too early, not too late.


Bye-Bye, Blood Thinners: Hold off on aspirin, ibuprofen, and their friends for a few days pre-session (doctor's orders are the exception).


Dress Comfy: On the big day, wear something comfy and easy to remove. You wouldn't want to wrestle with a tight sweater after, right?


Remember, this is the general gist, but your scalp is as unique as your fingerprint, so follow any personalized advice from your specialist! Every head is a canvas with its own story. We're here to make sure yours gets the spotlight it deserves, with a little extra care and a lot of love. ✨🌟

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