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What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation or (SMP), is the most natural-looking hair loss solution for balding, thinning hair, transplant scars, and alopecia. It's a cosmetic tattoo that replicates thousands of tiny hair follicles. Scalp micropigmentation is safe, non-invasive, affordable, and 100% effective. That's why SMP is the fastest-growing hair loss solution in the world with over half a million procedures done!

The Modern

Solution to

Hair Loss

Renée Chérie

As a child, Renée Chérie was a gifted artist; this led her to study visual arts, composition, and pointillism at the Art Institute of Houston.

She received her first scalp micropigmentation certification from the acclaimed International Hairlines Academy in South Florida. There, she studied with Seif Sidky, one of the world's most renowned master scalp artists and instructors.

Scalp micropigmentation techniques are constantly evolving and improving. Renée believes that if you're not continuously learning, your doing a disservice to your clients. This led her to become the only 8X certified artist in Colorado.

Renee's raw talent, superior training, and sincere desire to help people make her an outstanding scalp artist.

An artist at heart

My whole experience with Renée and Scalp Ink was amazing. Renée took all the time to make sure my needs were addressed and that we had a solid plan going into the procedure. Renée is great at what she does and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Renée Is an outstanding artist with sole emphasis on nothing but top quality delivery. Excellent work, Renée and Ahrue!


There are no words to describe how Scalp Ink has helped me with my lifelong struggle with hair loss. I want to thank Renée for the opportunity to look towards the future with a more confident look that will be an inspiration to others. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

How it Works

Your Consultation

During your free consultation, Renée will listen to you and give you style suggestions based on your age, face shape, and desired look. We'll also answer any questions you may have and give you a price quote with payment options.



Your First Session

Renée will create your custom hairline. Then Renée will put down the first layer of pigment. A lighter shade is used on this first pass. This is the foundation of your SMP treatment.



Building Layers

In the following sessions, usually between 3 and 5, Renée will build in layers using darker and darker shades of pigment each time. This is what gives her work depth and realism.



The Final Touch

Renée likes to wait about a month before the last session so that all of the impressions are completely healed. At this point, she will make any final adjustments, perfecting your new look!



Get a free consultation

We suggest an in-person consultation so you can meet us and see Renée's work up close. We can also do a virtual consultation upon request. 

Our Results

We specialize in hyper-realistic scalp micropigmentation and create undetectable results. It takes longer to achieve these results, but we're okay with that. We're not concerned with how many people we can get through our doors, we're only concerned with the quality of our work and the lives that we change because of it.






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